80’s Baby Wine Bottle Label


My friend Katie received a wine making gift and asked me to design the label. She named it “80’s Baby”. I wanted it to be a reflection of those “I Love The 80’s” shows on VH1. The neon colors didn’t come out so great on the label they were printed on. But visually I was still pretty happy with how it.

The Predictably Irrational Customer

I recently finished reading Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by behavioral economist Dan Ariely. In each chapter, Ariely argues that consumers interact with the market in an irrational, yet predictable, manner. Like many other readers, I immediately began to assess my every-waking decision based on the things I was learning. Working in the world of eCommerce and web design at Briteskies, I’ve noticed a hesitancy or uncertainty with shoppers when making purchases online. In an effort to curb these reservations, I started paying attention to how online stores designed their interfaces and deals in a way that would appeal to these irrational consumer behaviors, which could possibly reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The first chapter of the book, “Relativity”, examines a need for comparison while shopping. Comparing similar items may facilitate the decision to buy when you can evaluate pros and cons side by side. Below, I evaluate two examples of sites that use this technique successfully.

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Exporting Your Photoshop Design for Web Development

Image Optimization Best Practices:

So, your client just signed off on your design and your Photoshop file is ready to be developed into a website; now, you simply need to press the “make it into a website” button, right? (If only it were that simple). In exporting your image files from Photoshop to a format to be used on the web, I’ve found that there are a few steps you can take to ensure your design retains its professional quality, while not sacrificing the website’s load time. These include being familiar with different file types, keeping your assets organized, getting a second and third opinion on your final draft, keeping within the bounds of the standard RGB mode and having a few cheat sheets on layout and style. Stick to these guidelines of ever-evolving best practices and you’ll be well on your way towards a successful website development career. Continue reading Exporting Your Photoshop Design for Web Development